Review of Health and Wellness

Why are we writing this Health and Wellness Industry Review? What’s the big deal about Health and Wellness? The answer lies in the convergence of two trends. The first trend was sparked by the fact that the Baby Boomers are living longer than previous generations ever have in the past. They’re looking at ways to keep themselves healthy, active and vital so that they can enjoy life into their later years. They’re focusing on being well – or “Wellness” instead of waiting to get sick and just reacting to it with medications.

The second trend, is also at least partly the result of baby boomers and the longer life span of the population in general. What options are available to people now to ensure that they have the money to enjoy their retirement – sometimes for the next 20, 30 or 40 years? Now that the old financial system has broken down, everyone needs to be looking at how they’re going to provide a passive, residual income stream for their future.

Thus, we get the birth of an industry – Health and Wellness.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, lots of people are thinking about launching a home based business.
With the economy the way it is, and unemployment rates growing, it’s no wonder some are turning to a home business as a way to make a living.

But how do you decide what to do? So many choices out there, so many “business opportunities” screaming “I am the best opportunity-make lots of money…fast…easy…overnight…” and on and on it goes.

Hopefully you’ve gone through our other articles to help you and guide you down the path that’s right for you.

When you’re trying to decide what type of home business you want to set up, of course it’s a good idea to take a look at which industries are popular – and will continue to grow.

We’re going to focus on an industry that has absolutely exploded – and is anticipated to continue to grow for years to come – the Health and Wellness Industry. People who have become involved in this industry are finding it extremely lucrative and are poised to do quite well financially in the future.

The Health and Wellness Industry is concerned with prevention of illness and disease.
This is different from Health industry which includes doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies. This industry focuses on treating the symptoms of illness, and not on prevention of sickness, and or helping people feel healthier.

The Health and Wellness Industry is expected to be a $1 trillion dollar industry by 2010. This industry includes nutritional supplements, juices, health/fitness clubs, chiropractic, naturopathy, homeopathy, and holistic health care. So what are the forces making the Health and Wellness industry so hot?

The economic downturn has affected peoples’ ability to spend money on insurance, doctor visits, and hospital stays. People are focusing on prevention of sickness and disease: According to cNMI (Natural Marketing Institute) President Maryellen Molyneaux:

“NMI research clearly shows that the current economic downturn is changing consumer behavior on many levels, including spending related to health and wellness. So while sales in each category continue to grow, consumers are becoming more discerning and are looking for real value in their purchases and not just the perceived value. This shift in behavior will impact manufacturers and retailers not just short-term but also in the future. With the economic future unclear, NMI projects that the health and wellness industry as a whole will remain relatively stable over the next five years at approximately 7% growth each year.”

More and more people are searching for ways to prevent illness and improve the quality of their life through better health. Many people feel that the nature of western medicine is treating symptoms, rather than preventing disease. They also feel that what traditional medicine does best is treating emergencies, not not keeping people from getting sick in the first place.

Many Doctors and scientists have dedicated their lives to finding natural “cures” for common “dis-eases” and have embraced a natural approach to treating peoples’ conditions.

Pharmaceutical concerns: There is growing mistrust in the general population towards the pharmaceutical industry. Side effects of medications are often serious, and sometimes even lethal.

Lawsuits and product recalls are making people leery of just taking a pill in hopes of getting better. The majority of prescriptions are merely to treat symptoms of sickness, not in curing or preventing disease.

This is creating lifetime customers. Pharmaceuticals are being designed to be taken for life – and people are becoming aware of the dangers of this to their health.

People are living longer. And they want to be healthy doing it. Life spans keeps getting longer, and people are willing to invest in their health more now than ever before. They are seeking ways to feeling good, staying well, and having health and vitality – and are turning to the Health and Wellness Industry for the answers.

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The Amazing Avocado

Have you noticed that avocados have an uncanny resemblance to the female womb? Research shows that eating one avocado a week helps balance hormones and prevent cervical cancers. What’s also amazing is that it takes exactly nine 9 months to grow an avocado from blossom to ripened fruit! Mind. Blown. Right? Mother Nature has it all covered! Keep reading to find out more amazing benefits.

Nutrients Withinavocado benefits

Avocados are one of the friendliest fats you can consume and reap the many health benefits from. The avocado is jam packed with all kinds of wonderful nutrients that are important for proper function of the body. They are rich in monounsaturated fat which is easily burned up by our body for energy. Bananas are known for containing high amounts of potassium, but did you know that avocados contain more than twice the amount? Avocados are also high in fibre and contain around 20 vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Some of these include vitamin E, B vitamins, vitamin C, folic acid, iron, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin K.

Importance of Nutrients

Vitamin K is important for healthy bones, tissues, and for blood clotting. Vitamin C aids in the absorption of iron, promotes healing, and it is important for skin, connective tissue, and bones. In order to avoid blood clots and widen the arteries we need vitamin E. It also aids in boosting our immune system, and proper function of our cells.

Avocados contain five of the eight B vitamins which includes B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6. Each B vitamin has a different job. B2 works with the other B vitamins and is important for body growth, the production of red blood cells, and releasing the energy stored in carbohydrates. B3 aids the digestive system, nerve function, skin, and converting our food into energy. Another B vitamin that converts carbohydrates is B1 which also plays an important role in the function of our heart, nervous system, and muscles. B5 is used to break down and use food, important for growth, and in the production of cholesterol and hormones. It is important we have B6 which aids in making antibodies to fight disease it also aids in normal nerve function, makes haemoglobin, and helps to keep sugar in a normal range.

Potassium can aid in lowering blood pressure, and may reduce the risk of kidney stones and bone loss. If you feel weak, fatigued, or intolerance to extreme temperatures you could be low in iron. Iron is also important for carrying oxygen through our bodies to cells for the production of energy. Fibre is needed for healthy bowel movements, increases nutrient density, healthy lipids and glucose tolerance. Folic acid aids to produce and maintain new cells, makes DNA, RNA, creates red blood cells, and important for metabolism and maintaining regular levels of amino acids. All this in a simple avocado! Amazing huh?

Scientific Discoveries for Health

The Hass Avocado Board has been supporting research on how avocados may help certain health conditions. The health concerns being focused on are diabetes, weight management, cardiovascular health, and the ability for avocados to aid in better absorption of nutrients. One study conducted by Dr. David Heber M.D. PhD, showed positive results for aiding in cardiovascular health. Another study conducted in 1990 on the effects of avocados on type 2 diabetics showed positive effects on blood lipids. Various studies on weight loss have been conducted utilising avocados in one group and no avocados in another. Due to the fact avocados are considered a fat, the study aimed to find out how it would effect weight loss. The study determined that because avocados are a good fat there was no difference in weight loss between the two groups.

Avocados as a Fat

Avocados are actually made up of 75% good fat with 3 grams of monounsaturated fat and 0.5 grams of polyunsaturated fat.

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The ‘Fourth Phase’ Of Water And Its Amazing Health Benefits

Health award winning research scientist from his peer-reviewed work, Doctor Gerald Pollack, Professor of Bioengineering at Washington University, Seattle, Washington, says that besides the three solid, liquid and gas states, there also exists a ‘fourth phase’ of water. Unlike the usual states having the formula H2O2, this fourth phase exists as the negatively charged H3O2, and has a higher density, refractive index, pH, and viscosity than normal water and has been said to have multiple health benefits.

Unlike normal H2O2 the negatively charged fourth phase of water stratifies itself around charged surfaces like that for example on proteins inside the body’s cells. Besides existing inside most of our body’s cells Dr Pollack states that it is also in our extracellular fluid. This H3O2 stratified layer is called the exclusion zone (EZ) and is therefore termed EZ water (so called EZ because it does not allow other solvents or solutes into the stratified layer). Because of its negative charge EZ water has the ability to hold energy rather like that of a battery. This energy can be later released and used for metabolic function.

Our bodies have very high water content. According to Doctor Pollack it is the above properties and specifically the fact that our bodies contain EZ water having much involvement in vital functioning can give rise to some amazing health benefits when in abundance.

EZ water is made from various light sources. These light sources; ultraviolet, infrared, visible or invisible… are all around us, allowing EZ water to build up its stratified layers. The stratified layers can build up on hydrophilic (water attracting) surfaces in the presence of infrared light.

Excellent sources of EZ water include water from melted ice: Dr Pollack says that EZ water is formed from the melt-down of ice before it then further cools down to the next phase, normal water. Hence the reason why it has been said that glacial water is good for your health. Other excellent sources for your body’s EZ water build up include infrared saunas, getting good doses of sunlight or laser therapy. It was found that EZ water absorbs light at the 270 nanometre wavelength where it builds up its stratified layers most effectively.

It suggests that these circumstances could give rise to the explanation why light, such as, for example, sunlight, has so many health benefits. Dr Pollack also found that EZ water allows flow of liquid through capillaries more efficiently, which suggests that EZ water improves blood flow and cardiovascular function.

EZ water is said to increase during laser therapy which in turn increases mitochondrial activity, the body’s energy releasing sub-cellular component, which overall in effect promotes and improves wound healing.

That EZ water is alkaline and negatively charged gives rise to further good health. As I have written in previous articles the benefits of an alkalized body include: Feeling more energetic, alert, or on a legal natural high! Improved digestion, protection against: disease, arthritis and osteoporosis…

I hope I have inspired to look up EZ water and check out the said amazing health implications for yourself.

If you liked reading this article then go to for more related articles including a free download PDF. NewParadigm is a portal to transformation, consciousness, spirituality, mind, body, health, alternative media and much more… Hosted by Paul A Philips. Once again the link is:

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Differences between north and south Europe lifestyle

Several parts of the world have been divided based on various factors. The division ranges from physical landmarks where countries are divided by locations into continents, regions (North, South, East, West), countries, states, cities, towns and villages. There are also other forms of the division including areas that are predominantly a particular religion as well as developed or developing countries among others. In most cases, the different divisions often come with unique attributes and differences in way of life. There are many European cities to travel to, however you might first want to know more about the Northern and Southern part of the continent and which part you should travel to. There are some differences between the lifestyle in Northern and Southern Europe that will be discussed subsequently.


The major religion in Northern Europe is protestant while the major religion in Southern Europe is Catholic. Even though both are of the Christian religion, there are some major differences between being catholic and being protestant. From the name, it could be seen that the protestants protested against the singular catholic denomination and formed their denominations. Hence, some of the things that the catholic believe in are not part of the protestant religion and vice versa. Prominent amongst such believes is the need to have statues of Jesus and Mary in the church or to accord the mother of Jesus much respect than necessary as the catholic does. The Catholics are generally more relaxed about life as can be seen even in their mode of worship. They still have a singular head in the person of the pope that is responsible for overseeing the whole catholic churches in the Northern Europe, those that are still in existence in Southern Europe and all over the world as opposed to Protestants that do not have any singular head, leaving each Protestant denomination some level of freedom to make their doctrines and promote it.

Work ethics

It is generally believed that the people resident in Northern Europe are more hardworking than those residing in Southern counterparts. This has resulted in Northern Europe being more successful than Southern Europe. This has also resulted in the Northern dwellers being happier than the Southern dwellers as portrayed by a Eurostat survey that finds out that people in central and northern Europe reported an overall life satisfaction that is higher than those who are resident in Southern Europe. People in Southern Europe have been branded as majorly leisure-seeking as opposed to hardworking.


The weather is another factor that is different in Southern and Northern Europe and could have contributed to their different lifestyle. Those in northern Europe are often regarded to be windswept while those in Southern Europe are said to be sun-dappled. This is because Northern Europe witnesses more significant winds than Southern Europe while Southern Europe witnesses more sun than Northern Europe.

Happiness: Urban dwellers vs Rural dwellers

In terms of happiness, it is believed that people who live in urban areas are happier than those who live in rural areas in Southern Europe. The opposite is believed to be the truth in Northern Europe as rural dwellers in the North are believed to be happier than Urban dwellers in the North.

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How to Complete Your Vegan Diet with Online Food Delivery and Healthy Food Supplement

Vegan diet is healthy, and people stick to it for various reasons. For instance, it has been proven that one can avoid a lot of health-related issues, such as obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes by eating vegan diets. Being vegetarian means you can’t order for meals or get food at common food outlets unless they are specially prepared for vegans. Also, being a vegan means, you can only eat plant related foods such as fruits and vegetables, legumes, bread, rice and pasta, diary alternatives such as soymilk and coconut milk.

Going through Neat nutrition opinions we discovered that protein has become sought for, and it is a main concern by nutritionists. How can vegans cope with the demands of protein their body needs? This is why supply food companies have risen to the occasion to make sure you get the appropriate vegan protein shakes which are available for people with food intolerance.

Getting Your Vegan Diets Through Online Food Delivery

Online food delivery is convenient and supports you while you get busy with other things. Before you settle for any online food delivery service, you need to take note of these things.


Where you are, and place the food restaurant you are ordering from is located is an important consideration when ordering online. This matter because if you live in a city where traffic jam is likely to occur, you could order for your meal and not get it at the right time. Order for your food early, don’t wait until you’re starving.


Mode of Payment

How does the restaurant accept payment? Do they accept cash on delivery or do you need to pay online before the food is delivered?

Clean Cooking Environment

As a vegan, ensure the restaurant you’re ordering from handles food with care and cooks in a clean environment. Make sure they are particular about the ingredients they add to the food so you don’t have complications after eating; especially if you are allergic to certain spices or ingredients. Get a trusted food restaurant in your area.

Restaurant Schedule

Familiarise yourself with the schedule of the restaurant you are ordering from. Some restaurants don’t open until 9am. Some open earlier but have some specific meals in the morning and others later. Some other restaurants have meals timetable. Speak with a customer care representative and have these at your fingertips. Understand the way food is being ordered and find out if you can make specific requests for the preparation of your meal.

Healthy Food Supplements for Vegans

Experts advice vegans to have vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Long-chain omega-3s fatty acid, iodine, iron, calcium, zinc in their diet, however getting the recommended daily intake may become difficult if one depends on food alone. This is one reason why you need food supplement.

When you need to get supplement for yourself as a vegan, take a look at the nutrients listed on the labels. While every nutrient you need is important, lack of vitamin B12 can cause anaemia, and serious neurological complications. 2.4 mcg (micrograms) is the recommended dose of B12 for adults, so check for that. Also, take cursory look for the other nutrients listed above, this will help in making a correct decision when choosing supplements to complement your vegan diet.

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Things to Invest on to Make Your Home a Healthier and Fitter Space

Your living space deserves to be properly taken care of, as you are a product of where you live in most cases. Especially in a time such as this, when everyone is restricted to their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic, the importance of putting your home in order becomes more conspicuous. In order to make your home a better place, you would need to invest in some tools and products, and customer reviews on Wellness Shop Services have helped in pointing out to a few options that could help your cause.

In the same vein, past experiences have also shown that making your home a fitter and healthier space would not require you to break the bank, as all you need do is to look for the perfect exercise companies that offer exactly what you need, in order to invest in things that would make your space conducive, comfortable, and healthy.

Invest in fitness equipment

As you are already aware, going to an outdoor gym is not advisable at this time, yet, you must stay at the top of your fitness game. The right way to go about this is to invest in fitness equipment and tools to help you continue your fitness plan uninterrupted. While you are at it, kindly note that you don’t need to invest in heavy fitness tools, all you need do is invest in a few essentials like a yoga mat, a foam roller, a mirror for your fitness space, a jump rope, dumbbells, and other items that would help you keep fit indoors.

exercise companies

Invest in eco-friendly home appliances

If you have ever needed to invest in eco-friendly products, this is a perfect time. Scaling through the coronavirus season entails that you stay healthy even right there in your home. Hence, the need to furnish your home with eco-friendly, and organic products, such as, beddings, rugs/carpets, footwear, clothing, lighting appliances, and kitchen utensils.

Stock up on essential food items and essential kitchen supplies

Food items can’t go unmentioned when talking about staying healthy and fit during this period. The fact that there is a break in the world currently doesn’t mean you have to take a break from eating healthy or neglecting your diet plans. To stay fit and healthy, your diet needs to stay wholesome, i.e. you should invest more in nutritious food items. While you are at it, don’t forget to stock up on some essential kitchen items such as a slow cooker, different recipe books, such as this (brings out the chef in you!!), as well as different spices, and flavors.

Invest in some fitness wears

If you want to keep fit by exercising, you have to look the part. Hence, you have to invest in the appropriate fitness outfit that would help you exercise effortlessly without stress. Just one or two pairs of workout clothing and footwear would do the trick for you.

Making your space a healthier and fitter space doesn’t entail that you drain your coffers or go beyond your budget, all you need to do is invest in a few essential items that would help to make your home a perfect and healthy haven for you.

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Natural Anti Inflammatory Foods To Help You Combat Arthritic Inflammation

Arthritis can not only lead to impaired mobility but can also cause immense amount of pain and inflammation. Now, inflammation is a perfectly natural defense mechanism. It’s your body’s way to defend itself against viruses, bacteria, and other harmful microbes. However, inflammation during arthritis is a completely miss triggered response as it’s not caused by any foreign microbes. If you are suffering from arthritis, your body’s own immune system causes inflammation which in turn causes tissue damage and pain.

There are lots of medications out there that can keep the inflammation subdued ranging from over the counter pills to injections. However, these are not only expensive but also come with unwanted side effects. This is why more and more people are looking for natural methods to deal with arthritic inflammation.

One of the sure fire ways to fight inflammation from within is by having natural anti inflammatory foods. To help you combat arthritic inflammation, here’s the list of 7 natural anti inflammatory foods.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

It’s found that people following a Mediterranean diet have a reduced risk of inflammation. This is due to the plentiful use of olive oil in their cooking. Olive oil, especially extra virgin olive oil is one of the great natural anti inflammatory foods and should be part of your diet.


Along with a host of other health benefits, ginger has great anti inflammatory properties. You can easily add a few pieces of ginger in your tea to increase its daily consumption.


Turmeric contains a natural anti inflammatory substance called curcumin. It not only helps in reducing inflammation but can also act as a natural pain reliever. A lot of Indian curries contain turmeric powder. Get some recipes online and start cooking.

Wild Salmon:

Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, wild salmons have great anti inflammatory properties. Wild salmons are usually available in most super markets. Due to it’s versatile nature it’s easy to prepare a number of dishes using this great tasting fish.

Green Tea:

One of the most effective natural anti inflammatory foods is green tea. It contains flavonoids which not only reduces inflammation but can also reduce the risk of some cancerous conditions.

Antioxidant Rich Fruit:

Fruits with a high level of antioxidants have great anti inflammatory properties. These antioxidant rich fruits are easy to identify due to their vibrant colors. Next time head to the super market pick up fruits like papaya, strawberry, raspberry, watermelon, cherries, blueberries, and plums. They are so tasty that you should have no trouble adding them to your diet.

Leafy Vegetables:

Studies have shown that food that contains rich amounts of vitamin E protects the body from inflammatory molecules called cytokines. Green leafy vegetables are great sources of vitamin E and thus are one of the best natural anti inflammatory foods. This is why doctors recommend adding broccoli, spinach, and kale to the regular diets of people suffering from excessive inflammation.

The most important step to a healthier life is the change to a healthy diet. Get more information from the free copy of my e-book report to make better choices!

My name is Josef Bichler. I have a passion for wellness and showing others how to live healthy lives. I have corrected my own health problems with the use of alternatives only and helping others to achieve their health objectives through lifestyle changes, detoxifying their body and through understanding the benefits of eating healthy. For more ongoing health information subscribe to my free weekly newsletter; this also gives you the opportunity for comments, suggestions and questions you may have, as well download my free e-book report to help making better choices:

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Exercise may also strengthen your Hardworking Liver

Regular exercise is the answer to many health conditions, and liver health definitely is one of them. But the catch-22 for exercising if you have an ailing liver is the fact that among the first symptoms will be low energy, and hitting the gym is one of the last things you want to do if you are tired. But there’s an expanding body of evidence that suggests that one of the most effective actions to take for persistent and acute liver disease is to start a fitness program.

There are numerous rewards that exercise can bring, and for those having acute liver problems they are actually just what the doctor ordered. A few are:

1.Oxygenation of the blood. Exercise improves the oxygen carrying capability of your blood, and the more oxygen targeted towards the liver the better to help it repair itself.

2.Higher stamina and energy. Anything that is able to make your cardiovascular system more efficient will improve the delivery of oxygen in addition to nutrients through the whole body. This leads to superior energy levels.

3.Exercise helps to reduce obesity. Liver issues such as fatty liver and obesity go hand-in-hand. Exercise helps to keep the weight off, thus reducing fatty liver disease along with diabetes issues.

4.Lessening of depression. Working out will trigger the discharge of endorphins plus enhance a feeling of well-being. A depressive disorder is a typical problem for anyone with liver issues and can keep the process of recovery from taking place.

So now that we have talked about just why people with liver issues should get into fitness programs, just how do you go about doing something that is fundamentally so hard?

1.Don’t go overboard at the outset. It is entirely all right to start off with a program that you could deal with. It may be as simple as standing upright along with taking a seat in a chair five to ten times in a row, or taking a series of brief 10 minute strolls. If you have advanced liver disease you probably have not worked out in quite a while, so do not start off being real hard on yourself.

2.Locate a special-needs trainer. Choosing a trainer who appreciates what you’re really going through will let you navigate the obstacles with working out when you basically do not have the energy for it. The plan will have to be specifically designed for you, and you will require a great deal of help and understanding.

3.Have an attitude that never quits. It’s not going to be painless, so come in with the attitude that you are not going to quit, but go about it just a little at a stretch. It could be a challenge when it is in fact painful to work out initially, and if you think you’ll have to deal with such pain for months it might seem an impossible endeavor. However if you take it a little at a stretch things really will become easier as you get into better shape. In the long run your liver is going to thank you, as it’s going to get stronger and healthier, and before long you’ll be able to boost your working out.

Heart health fortunately can be turned around, even when there has been damage to the heart. But you must start before there is too much deterioration, and somehighly intensiveprograms will help your heart and help in other ways. Read aboutraising your metabolismon our website. Jim O’Connell is a writer and health advocate living in Chicago.

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