Affordable BYU Student Health Insurance

Finding affordable student health insurance in Utah doesn’t have to difficult, after all isn’t paying for the rising cost of college difficult enough? Many of Utah’s Universities require students to pay for their entire semester of health insurance premium up-front. Again this is expensive; especially when you’ve already drained you’re bank account to pay other college expenses. There are many low cost student health insurance providers in the state of Utah that currently offer plans. These plans are typically cheaper than the University health insurance plan, and in many cases provide better coverage. The other great thing with a traditional student health insurance plan is you don’t have to pay six month of premium up-front.

Since Provo Utah is a relatively large city you have a lot of options to sift through when it comes to student health insurance in Utah. But don’t feel like you need to go it alone–no sir! That’s what a Utah Health Insurance Broker is for. And the best part about using a health insurance broker is it costs you nothing! Brokers are paid a commission by the Utah health insurance companies, and you pay the same rate going through a broker as you would going straight to the health insurance carrier. So why not use a broker’s free advice to help you sort through the student health insurance jungle! Utah Insurance Solutions is Utah’s #1 health insurance broker!

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Provo and Utah County Hospitals
Currently there are six major hospitals serving Provo and the surrounding Utah county area. Intermountain Healthcare or IHC runs only 1 of those facilities. IHC operates the American Fork Hospital. IHC operates a number of other facilities along the Wasatch front, but only the one hospital.

Mountain Star Healthcare runs two of the hospitals in and around Provo. One being Timpanogos Regional in Orem and Mountain View in Payson. Mountain Star hospitals are in network for most networks so any health plan you choose should be fine with them

The other hospitals available are Orem Community in Orem, and Utah State and Utah Valley Regional in Provo. Again, these hospitals are in network for most health plans.

BYU Student Health Insurance Companies
There are five health insurance companies serving Utah and most of them are based in and around Provo Utah.



*Altius Health

*Regence BlueCross BlueShield


BYU Student Dental Insurance
There are many options to choose from for dental insurance in Provo. Utah Insurance Solutions can custom fit the right provider to you depending if you only want a discount plan, need orthodontic coverage or have special needs. We offer dental insurance through Regence BCBS, Delta Dental, Select Health, Humana One, Assurant, Dental Select and a number of other options. Please Contact Us to learn more about dental plans in Provo: 801-372-2647, or email: Bret Harding: [email protected]

BYU Student Maternity Insurance
There are many options for maternity insurance Provo, and finding the right maternity plan can be very tricky. Each health insurance company handles maternity in a different way, and all the carriers have different maternity deductibles. To learn more about maternity insurance and supplemental maternity insurance plans in Provo please give us call: 801-372-2647, or email: Bret Harding: [email protected]

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