Causes of Hair Thinning in Women

Hair thinning in women is one of the most devastating problems that may affect a womans self-confidence. The hair is often a reason for pride and therefore women are often very sensitive to this kind of problem and try to resolve it under any means possible.

Loss of hair strongly hurts womans self-esteem. Women experiencing this kind of problem often feel depressed, refuse to interact with the surrounding world and often take desperate (and often incorrect) steps to recover from the illness. However the practice shows that it is better to take more time and find the real cause of the problem and get appropriate treatment, than just try any means to solve the problem. The latter way often results in further complication of the hair loss problem and therefore should be avoided by any means. So you should stay calm and relaxed until you find the real source of the problem.

Usually certain amount of hair loss is pretty normal, but when it comes to large hair loss, it shows that there something going wrong in your body and it is time to take care of it as soon as possible. Doctors often underestimate the seriousness of the hair thinning in women. They often induce their patients to think that there is nothing to do about hair thinning in women. But in reality the hair loss is an indicator of more serious problems that must be taken care of. Therefore it is very important to find out the real cause of the hair loss and then try to cure it, until the disease shows itself fully.

There are many factors that may cause hair thinning in women. Among these factors are hormonal disorder, weakening of the immune system, vitamin deficiency, radiation, medicine, dental treatment, illness, stress, emotional disorder and many others.

Hair loss is often caused by low level of vitamins in a womans blood; therefore taking full set vitamin complex for a month could solve the problem.

Hair thinning in women can also be caused by weakening of the immune system that in turn may be caused by insufficient and inadequate nutrition. In this case vitamins can help a quick recovery.

To eliminate the hair thinning in women, it is often a good strategy to follow healthy diet: eliminate or reduce to the minimum the amount of sugar, fat and carbohydrates from your daily ration and substitute them with healthier ingredients, such as proteins and protein-rich food.

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