Choosing The Right Shampoo For Your Asian Hair Type

There are many different brands and types of shampoos out there for the asian hair, from the cheaper and common brands you can purchase at the local supermarket, personal, pharmacy stores to branded and more expensive shampoo brands like Kerastas and Philip B. that can only be bought from speciality salons and stores. So how do one chooses?

First of all, you got to know your hair type. It is easier to determine what type of shampoo your hair will need if you have permed or coloured your hair recently. If your hair is permed, you might want to use a specialty shampoo for permed hair in order to protect the curls. If you had your hair colored recently, then you will need a shampoo that will protect the color and not strip it from your hair. Good shampoos for colored hair are also those with higher moisturizing content because your hair is usually very dry after a colour job. Is your hair dry? Oily? Thin or full and coarse? Then you will need different hair shampoo formulated to meet your special needs. You can get your trusted hair stylist to suggest a product, or do a search on the beauty or hair forum to see what people recommend for asian hair.

Always be aware of claims made by shampoo manufacturers, as some dont really live up to their claims. The only thing regulated by the Food & Drug Administration is the list of ingredients on the back of the shampoo bottle and they have to reflect the contents used in the product truthfully. This means that manufacturers can make claims like their shampoos can moisturize hair or add volume to asian hair, whether or not they actually do. However, most consummers dont even bother to read the list, let alone know what are the significance of the ingredients. If the product is cheap and affordable, you can buy it on trial and error to see if the shampoo really live up to its claim. If its expensive, you probably want to seek others for their opinion and experience via personal contacts or from online forums, before deciding if you really want to invest in it.

You also have to understand that most shampoos and conditioners work on your hair only temporarily by leaving traces of product residue behind on your hair after washing. They do not have long term effect on the condition of your hair at all, you will require regular usage of hair treatment conditioning mask in order to see improvement and it usually requires a longer term period.

There are people who will rather buy cheaper shampoo and conditioner and then invest in more expensive treatment products. Of course there are also people who can afford and only buy the higher-tier and more expensive brands only. The thing is there are no hard and fast rules here.

Lastly, you do not have to believe that you have to use the entire hair product line from one brand in order to achieve best results. Every shampoo can clean the hair and every conditioner can condition your hair. Its ok to mix and match products from different asian hair or non asian hair brands and stick with something or a combination once you find it working for you.

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