Differences between north and south Europe lifestyle

Several parts of the world have been divided based on various factors. The division ranges from physical landmarks where countries are divided by locations into continents, regions (North, South, East, West), countries, states, cities, towns and villages. There are also other forms of the division including areas that are predominantly a particular religion as well as developed or developing countries among others. In most cases, the different divisions often come with unique attributes and differences in way of life. There are many European cities to travel to, however you might first want to know more about the Northern and Southern part of the continent and which part you should travel to. There are some differences between the lifestyle in Northern and Southern Europe that will be discussed subsequently.


The major religion in Northern Europe is protestant while the major religion in Southern Europe is Catholic. Even though both are of the Christian religion, there are some major differences between being catholic and being protestant. From the name, it could be seen that the protestants protested against the singular catholic denomination and formed their denominations. Hence, some of the things that the catholic believe in are not part of the protestant religion and vice versa. Prominent amongst such believes is the need to have statues of Jesus and Mary in the church or to accord the mother of Jesus much respect than necessary as the catholic does. The Catholics are generally more relaxed about life as can be seen even in their mode of worship. They still have a singular head in the person of the pope that is responsible for overseeing the whole catholic churches in the Northern Europe, those that are still in existence in Southern Europe and all over the world as opposed to Protestants that do not have any singular head, leaving each Protestant denomination some level of freedom to make their doctrines and promote it.

Work ethics

It is generally believed that the people resident in Northern Europe are more hardworking than those residing in Southern counterparts. This has resulted in Northern Europe being more successful than Southern Europe. This has also resulted in the Northern dwellers being happier than the Southern dwellers as portrayed by a Eurostat survey that finds out that people in central and northern Europe reported an overall life satisfaction that is higher than those who are resident in Southern Europe. People in Southern Europe have been branded as majorly leisure-seeking as opposed to hardworking.


The weather is another factor that is different in Southern and Northern Europe and could have contributed to their different lifestyle. Those in northern Europe are often regarded to be windswept while those in Southern Europe are said to be sun-dappled. This is because Northern Europe witnesses more significant winds than Southern Europe while Southern Europe witnesses more sun than Northern Europe.

Happiness: Urban dwellers vs Rural dwellers

In terms of happiness, it is believed that people who live in urban areas are happier than those who live in rural areas in Southern Europe. The opposite is believed to be the truth in Northern Europe as rural dwellers in the North are believed to be happier than Urban dwellers in the North.

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