Does Ayurvedic Treatment For Hair Loss Really Work

Are you aware of the Ayurvedic Treatment for hair loss? This article will help you out with it.

Countless people, both women as well as men are turning themselves towards Ayurvedic Treatment for hair loss as an effective alternative to expensive chemicals. Ayurvedic medicine stresses on the three elements of the body which are known as doshas, that they must work in a cycle to prevent hair loss or any other type of sickness. The home ayurvedic remedies for hair loss address the pitta dosha, which is commonly known as the fire element of the body. People with pitta dosha imbalances are very emotional, frequently stressed and short tempered. Addressing this element will not only lead to hair retention but also prevent nerve damage.

Most of the ayurvedic doctors believe that the hair loss treatment should be started by focusing on the white blood cell production of the bone marrow. At the time when the white blood cells reach the optimal level in the body, the body maintains greater control over stress as well as illness, which will ultimately lead to maximized hair growth.

It is the fact that much of hair fall is genetically determined too. Hence, those people with healthy bones and immune system will still experience hair loss. The natural Ayurvedic Treatment for hair loss comprises of complex scheme of diet, ample rest, massage, oils, aromatherapy and even meditation.

At the time of treating the pitta dosha what the ayurvedic doctor will do is try to attempt to target the base that is the scalp as well as the follicles. This is the place where poor blood circulation as well as various toxins turn the hair grey or even degrade it altogether.

Ayurvedic Treatment for hair loss includes aloe Vera. It is a soothing tonic that will help to calm the angry fire of the pitta dosha. Adding to the above mentioned thing, drinking half a cup of aloe Vera juice or/and taking aloe Vera gel with cumin seeds regularly will help the scalp retain the optimal health.

While treating hair loss in ayurveda massage is very important. At the time of massage, the muscle which is at the base of the head is aroused, which leads to more blood flow, muscle growth and better oxygen flow in the head. One of the parts of the treatment is massaging hair with coconut oil. Diet is also a part of Ayurvedic Treatment for hair loss in order to provide the body with optimal nutrients that are required for hair growth.

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