Some Michigan Health Plans Lack Proper Coverage

With innumerable policy exclusions, out of pocket costs and premiums, it is quite apparent that Michigan health plans are unequal. Then, there’s the variation of plan offerings from different insurance providers and confusion terms; hence, the alternatives for choosing a Michigan health plan without being singed with a sky-high medical bill is an overwhelming feat for most Michiganites.

Market research data, collected from national agencies, regarding the health care industry, suggests that a high percentage of consumers subscribe to policies with inadequate coverage because they are incognizant of the insurance policy’s terms. Add on the uninsured individual, who has an imperfect medical history, purchasing a Michigan health plan and there’s a high probability that the consumer will be subjected to paying off a lifetime of medical bills.

President and publisher, Michael Novelli of Michigan Health and traces the Michigan health plan quandary on the fact that ‘the vast majority of laymen are not educated about what they are buying and with an unreliable insurance agent, trying to close a deal, the consumer is the victim.” The online publication, Michigan Health and features information about current news events, the health insurance reform bill, Michigan health plans, and complimentary medical quotes, serving as a concise resource for Michiganites in quest of viable health insurance.

Numerous red flags portend the futile Michigan health plan, including the following:

Insufficient -Miniscule benefits. “Not major medical” and “limited benefit” insurance are two terms, which indicate the potential of an insufficient Michigan health plan. These policies typically do not cover the cost of a major illness, such as cancer, a heart attack or diabetes. With the average treatment for colon cancer being $250,000, it is quite apparent that health care costs are exorbitant. Michigan health plans with a $250,000 lifetime are significantly deficient in medical coverage benefits.

* Medical service exclusions. Consider any undisclosed medical benefit to be an uncovered service in the plan. Verify that the policy includes in-hospital-stay; doctor patient consults, as well as any outpatient medical treatments. Also, review whether the medical policy has sufficient per-day benefits. Some Michigan health plans impose ceilings for specific benefits. For instance, $800 per day is insufficient daily hospitalization coverage.

* Countless out-of-pocket costs. Depending on the Michigan health plan, the policy may not place a limit or maximum dollar on the out-of-pocket costs. This signals that any co-payments are not counted toward physician’s visits, prescribed drugs and certain diagnostic procedures do not count toward the out-of-pocket expense.

* Amazingly economical premiums. Anytime the premiums for a Michigan health plan seem abnormally low to be accurate, be sure to assess the cost of other plans (i.e. comprehensive and managed care plans. For example, Michigan Health and supplies several quotes to analyze the best-sized Michigan health plan.

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