The top 5 tips on keeping healthy on a trip to Sweden

Travelling to a foreign country can be a very exciting experience, with many tourist destinations to visit, as well as the ability to create fresh memories.

However, travelling during a pandemic can be rather stressful, as you are constantly worried about contracting a virus.

With a wide variety of pharmacies and drug stores, finding a medication for any illness or ailment is not a problem. Most airlines do not allow you to travel into the country with prescription or over-the-counter drugs unless they are for a chronic condition, so make sure you know where a pharmacy is in the area you are looking for. Should you struggle to decide on which is best, you can read reviews of various pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies in review sites such as, which will give you real feedback from customers who have made use of the service or store.

While many countries went into lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic, most European countries have opened their borders again and welcomed tourists and travelers back in with open arms. But this has not come without restrictions. Many countries have introduced quarantine periods in which travelers have to be isolated for 7 days on arrival in the country. Once they have done a Covid test, such as those offered by Quicktest, they are free to leave the quarantine area and enjoy their stay.

Here are our top 5 tips on keeping healthy while travelling:

  1. Keep your distance from others. It is always a better option to stand at least 2 meters apart from someone, both indoors and outside.
  2. If you meet up with others, avoid being in close contact in confined spaces or indoors. Try to have gatherings outdoors while keeping a safe distance between you and the other person.
  3. Be travel-smart. Wear a mask while travelling to avoid picking up any germs or virus particles in airplanes, taxi’s, buses and trains. Have a window open where possible to keep fresh air flowing.
  4. Look out for and know the symptoms of Covid-19. If you are not sure what these are, find out by speaking to a doctor or medical professional.
  5. This could be the most important of all: Self-isolate when you show any symptoms. It is important to have a safe space where you can self-isolate in the event that you pick up a virus.

Sweden has excellent healthcare facilities for both locals and international travelers and tourists. While you might not be keen to visit a doctor in a foreign country, most medical practitioners do have the option of virtual consultations available, which can be done either telephonically or by using video conference calling.

It is better to be prepared for any eventuality while travelling, and one of the most important things to make sure of is that you are prepared for any medical issues such as an injury or illness. Make sure you have your medical aid card with you, as well as to be aware of what you are covered for in a foreign country. Most medical aids offer international travel medical insurance for this purpose.

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